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The main competence of our company is the handling of import and export shipments
from and to Poland and within Germany.

Customs clearance
The main business of our company is the customs clearance on the sectors of import and export. Our service includes the complete handling of your goods during the import- or exportprocedure, e.g. creating a B- or BHT-reference or creating a T-1 document.

Fiscal representation: If your goods are meant for another state of the European Union but the customs clearance should be done in Germany we can act as your fiscal representative.
Your advantage will be that your liquidity will be raised as you only have to pay the duty immediately and can pay the VAT to your local tax office later on.

Always up-to-date: As we are always working with the latest version of the ATLAS-system we are in touch with the responsible customs office at any time and create the Intra- and Extrastatreports automatically during the clearance.
General Trucking Transport
- Full Truck Load
- Partloads
- Consolidation Cargo
- Pre- and On-Carriage
Containerized Goods
- Container Trucking
- choosing and booking means of transport e.g. truck, train, barge
Car Transport
Worldwide Consolidation Container Services
- Export
- Import
Full Container Load [ FCL ]
Stuffing and Stripping of Containers
Warehousing & Logistics
- Commissioning
- Re-packing and Labeling
- Storing within Freeport-Zone
- Neutralization
- Procarement resp. Distribution-Logistics
Our airfreight-expert will book your shipments individual and exact. Therefore important factors like time-limits, running times, destinations and the kind of goods will be taken into concideration.
Other Services
Veterinary- and plant-controls in Hamburg

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